To make matters worse 

To make matters worse, 
I got myself a job 

As if fangs of cluelessness weren’t enough to drain the fervent soul 

Hooked to purpose, I even handpicked a partner in crime

Unknown to me, sacred vows floated like the newly rich gloated 

Comedic enough, dumb lies to paralyzed eyes

I envy your knowledge of hope 

For I have just seen the hopeful drop

The friendly few, robbed me of my hesitation to reach the end 

Blessed they came in cunning shrouds, 

Exorcising my fears and its side effects 

Even below the deepest depths we’d scoured together once 

Even darker than previously assumed 

A new achievement, a personal best 

Pay days don’t seem to be more fruitful than the rest

Wealth has lost its its ancient sheen, 

Overrated victories, overshadowed dreams 

Breathing lungs don’t seem to be alerted 

To make matters worse 

We have to be at work again

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