Ritual cleansing 

So little of it remains untainted  Weaving waves of lengthy justification  To be in shock and still breathing  Wishes to ashes in minutes, even less  Miscarried desires and frenzied excuses  A macabre of self, futile to look within  Irrelevant insights, a chase so dear  Can we go on and on, with this fearful burden?  Shatter…Read more Ritual cleansing 

Before we pass out

So little time to imagine So much more to lament, As wishes transform to ashes And tried moments seem to take precedence; Over reasons that placed us there Crispy distractions affect my judgement Friendly voices take the pinch away Finding a way back home once evicted Cringe-worthy to most, inspirational at best A breath once…Read more Before we pass out

5 signs that you’re wrecked beyond repair

Let's start by saying this; the following may not apply to 99 percent of you out there. And i truly hope that it doesnt. Some of you may find yourselves beyond this miser prophecy; and most of you will read past in absolute denial. But certain facts remain as solid as mathematical equations that do not…Read more 5 signs that you’re wrecked beyond repair

Castles in the Sky

Doors slamming, love-making, ignoring each other, pacing footsteps, contemplating the end, being lonely, desiring solitude, life, death and doors unlocked - so much happens behind closed doors. But when seen from the outside, the perspective of a passerby, it all seems so quaint and meaningless. This is our very own paradise, our castles dangling precariously…Read more Castles in the Sky

Own your misery

A double-edged blade; Not as fearsome as advertised, not as liberating as perceived. A distant echo of stories forgotten, A deafening siren of deeds undone, Short breaths to stay conscious; Long sighs to be bereaved, A curse for those awake, Calm for dreamers asleep. Branches of facts deep within your mind; A dying shame for the…Read more Own your misery

The Souqs and Streets of Old Dubai

I am an Indian expatriate in Dubai. I know what you’re thinking! And you’re probably partially right. While my job and life keeps me on the newer side of this city, I am constantly drawn to places where it all started. These photographs were clicked during an afternoon stroll in old Dubai. Multi-national crowds, ancient…Read more The Souqs and Streets of Old Dubai