Never taught to heal

via Daily Prompt: HealAlone and wired

When it dawned upon me, it came as a rather disturbing realization. The realization that the cure is almost always hidden under the garbs of the primary conflict itself. Running away from the problem is as good as running away from the cure itself.

With the humankind choosing progress as the only way to move forward in time, pain became synonymous to our existence. I can’t remember a moment in my life where I haven’t been in it. The first reaction of course, is to ignore and pretend. But can you pretend long enough for it to subside?

Belonging to a generation that has been nurtured to believe that everything is possible; that winning is the only option; and that nothing can come between our dreams and us; pain and suffering were inevitable. Instead of being taught how to heal ourselves, we were encouraged to be constantly distracted. So distracted that no single emotion or feeling can manifest itself in its entirety. Everything we feel is a direct resonance of the things we see on content pieces created by equally wounded souls. We have learnt to love from books and movies, learnt to hate from 24 X 7 news channels, picked our sense of clothing from glossy sheets of paper, and now we are learning to express in no more than 140 characters.

As we learn to edit ourselves in order to please the audience, we become nothing but circus freaks to each other. Our constant need for entertaining and eye-widening content has just turned us into scavengers, diseased and dying.

We are all in pain and we all need to heal. But all hope seems lost, as the cure is hidden away with our problems. Apart from psychotropic drugs and soul wrenching quotes, we have nothing to heal us, neither the initiative, nor the skills.

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