The Demented You, The Misguided I


Never have I ever witnessed such disregard for reason. Striking the iron while it’s hot shouldn’t be the only solution. In truth, they and theirs have outnumbered you and me. What are we going to do about it? Are we going to crouch in silence and swallow this rotten concoction? Yes we are. Are we going to let the stink percolate through our fragile soul? Yes we are.

You may not agree, but no one’s asking. I once met a man with no limbs and sand for eyes. He spoke of faith and the powers within. He was merely mimicking my subdued optimism. He was merely a reflection of my sins. He was as alone as me, as ugly as my doings and as fatigued as my will. It was hard to believe anything that he said; Hard to fathom his response to my presence. Are you following me? Has your mind started playing its sick tricks yet? Sick little tricks. Or is the mirage finally starting to cool off?

Individualism, organized beliefs, scattered evidence and lossless assumptions have turned you into a monster that feeds on itself. It feeds and regurgitates your appearance to the outside world. It makes you feel righteous, all the while consuming what’s left of you. Are you smiling yet? Have you begun to feel his unholy presence?

Don’t be so lost in your own schemes! Try to sniff your way back to where it all began. Hint; it reeks of rotting ego. You do know what that smells like, right? Or have you become senseless? You live inside a machine now; you are not a mechanism by yourself. You resemble redundant valves in a scrapyard of ideas and false hopes.

You’re at a party where no one likes you. You are dancing to the tunes of your own evil desires. You’re drunk! You’re old! Get out of there, if you can find the way out.

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