Before we pass out

So little time to imagine So much more to lament, As wishes transform to ashes And tried moments seem to take precedence; Over reasons that placed us there Crispy distractions affect my judgement Friendly voices take the pinch away Finding a way back home once evicted Cringe-worthy to most, inspirational at best A breath once…Read more Before we pass out

5 signs that you’re wrecked beyond repair

Let's start by saying this; the following may not apply to 99 percent of you out there. And i truly hope that it doesnt. Some of you may find yourselves beyond this miser prophecy; and most of you will read past in absolute denial. But certain facts remain as solid as mathematical equations that do not…Read more 5 signs that you’re wrecked beyond repair

Own your misery

A double-edged blade; Not as fearsome as advertised, not as liberating as perceived. A distant echo of stories forgotten, A deafening siren of deeds undone, Short breaths to stay conscious; Long sighs to be bereaved, A curse for those awake, Calm for dreamers asleep. Branches of facts deep within your mind; A dying shame for the…Read more Own your misery

The day I sold my soul… I lost everything

Who were you before you started ‘working for a living’? What were your likes or dislikes? These questions bring out the true horrors of reality that we are all part of. I recollect my own childhood in third person. I caught dragonflies, tied a string to their tails and let them fly with the other…Read more The day I sold my soul… I lost everything