Before we pass out


So little time to imagine

So much more to lament,

As wishes transform to ashes

And tried moments seem to take precedence;

Over reasons that placed us there

Crispy distractions affect my judgement

Friendly voices take the pinch away

Finding a way back home once evicted

Cringe-worthy to most, inspirational at best

A breath once stolen, remains astray

In stories, intoxicated outbursts

Keeping the unknown enemy at bay

Out of place, out of your vivid imagination

An unsung hero, a disciple of time alone,

Unsure of written word, unassuming of the sacred verse

Nowhere to rest this wretched soul, no sensation to feel awake

On an don we go on, into murmuring landscapes

Just once we cried victory

Just momentarily we seemed escaped

The rest remains a bloody vow

Just a target to dispatch blame


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