5 signs that you’re wrecked beyond repair


Let’s start by saying this; the following may not apply to 99 percent of you out there. And i truly hope that it doesnt. Some of you may find yourselves beyond this miser prophecy; and most of you will read past in absolute denial. But certain facts remain as solid as mathematical equations that do not involve an imaginary constant. We are the generation that hides behind righteous proclamations, entrepreneurial endeavors and low-fat cupcakes; while the world burns and humanity dies. So for a few of us who have a moment to spare towards the understanding of how wrecked we actually are, these few personal signs are extremely noteworthy and disastrous

Friends become assholes

While the world rants about the bonds of friendship and camaraderie on social channels, you now know or feel that people are only looking out for themselves; just like you are. You begin to feel that the ones closest to you are the ones that care the least about you. They are in a position to only remind you of the position that you are in.

Hate seems comfortable

It becomes easier to hate, than to be neutral about the various once-promising aspects of life. It’s mostly lethargy mastered over a span of perpetual disappointment. ‘What’s the point in trying?’ you ask your Gods and as usual the reply is a misleading, confusing silence. You’re too brain-dead to decipher silence anyway.

Waking up in dismay

Fresh mornings are a thing of the past. You now wake up groggy, disappointed and tortured by unending nightmares. Memories (or delusions) of better days cross your mind like autopsy stitches as you stare at the carnage you left behind the night before. Dwell in the shame you went to bed with; and zone out into the rising sun as the day progresses.

Memory loss

Days turn into clones. In your memory, days can’t be drawn apart from each other anymore. You don’t remember when she last spoke. You don’t remember when you were humiliated. Days are just divisions now; truly scientific; bifurcated into nights and days. At this point, memories seize to exist. You are now just breathing in erratic rhythm, travelling aimlessly in loops within your space-time continuum.

Closer to the truth   

There’s a false (or not) sense of being closer to the ultimate truth. You’re at the brink of denying benevolence. You start to feel eerily comfortable with the void you find yourself in. Alone and cold; but a place to call your own. This is break point. You relate to everyone and their every action. You know why your friends are rightfully being your foes. You know why hate is not so bad a proposition. You know that waking up fresh is just a marketing propaganda. You know it’s better to not have days that matter than to have days that damage your broken soul. And then you know nothing.


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